Alexandre Dumas: The White Negro

Alexandre Dumas: The White Negro

dumas2Ardain Isma

Alexandre Dumas of Haitian origin was irrefutably one of the most prolific writers of the 19th century. His oeuvres were venerated. To these days, he remains one of the most widely read French writers. Most American readers are very familiar with The Three Mousquetaires (Musketeers) and The Count of Monte Cristo. Born in aristocratic France, Alexandre Dumas was best known for historical fiction and Romanticism. Dumas was also known to be a womanizer who despised living in the wedlock.

British writer Watts Philipps describes him as “the most generous, large-hearted” individual he had ever met. However, Haitian anthropologist, Anténor Firmin, has a different view. “Alexandre Dumas,” he writes, “I admit was a remarkable product of métissage (mixed races or crossbreeding). We all recognize, however, Alexandre Dumas was a maladjusted individual, or at least an abnormal one. He was an exceptional being, a very strange man…..His entire life, Dumas would remain an old child full of juvenile verve but unreasonable and incapable of accepting any rule but that of his powerful eccentric impulses. He was a very gifted White Negro, but morally he was a Negro.” (Anténor Firmin: The Equality of Human Races page 205)

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