Authors: Don’t miss our “Book of the Month”

Authors: Don’t miss our “Book of the Month”

book2Ardain Isma

This week, our first pick will be announced. CSMS Magazine will publish the winning title. As I said before, if you want your book to participate, you can mail it to us to the address below. Readers, you also can help us in the effort to promote literature. You send us titles you deem worthy of attention. We will consider your request. Have a great Sunday!

Authors who are interested can send their book for a review. They can mail it to:

CSMS Magazine

99 King Street

Saint Augustine, Florida 32085, Suite 1822

NoteArdain Isma is a novelist and editing manager at CSMS Magazine . He heads the Center for Strategic and Multicultural Studies. He also teaches Introduction to Research Studies at Embry Riddle University. To see his books, click here.

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