Be as professional as you can

Be as professional as you can

ardainBy Ardain Isma

We’re living in a world that is becoming more and more demanding, and being a professional is as important as life itself. In the industrial world or in the world of capitalism, what is deemed professional can sometimes be the antithesis of what appears to be nice in the eyes of many. For instance, beauty and wealth drive what’s utterly accepted and what’s not. Like in politics where morality is an afterthought, the social order is designed to impress and ultimately subdue or seduce the eye of the beholder.

I’ve never had any problem with beauty, glamor and wealth. To me, it’s okay to get rich or to be able to live a comfortable lifestyle. Too often, however, wealth is accumulated at the expense of others. In areas where wealth is in short supplies, its accumulation is always done by a few and—believe it or not—at the destruction of many.

In bourgeois democracies, it is always a few individuals standing at the highest echelon of society who set the ground rules. They control everything: the State bureaucracy, the financial market, and they have the power to DECIDE what is right or wrong. They have built institutions to sustain their social order. Between them and the rest of society, there is a huge wall that is not easy to break through.

It is the dream of every parent to raise his/her children and watch them grow, blossom and become prosperous. Too often, there are barriers put in place by those who control the reins of power. These barriers are difficult to penetrate. For instance, elite schools are only available to the children of the rich. These children will graduate and go to the top universities. Availability here means the power to pay for tuitions and to pay for everything that stands for living as bourgeois.

Basically, you are shut out. How do you circumvent this vicious cycle? You don’t have to strive to be rich if being rich means shutting others out. If you make education and honesty the cornerstone of your professionalism, if you have a heart that tilts toward helping those in needs, you will graduate from a good school and you will be successful in life. Be kind, be honest, and be professional!

Note: Dr. Ardain Isma is the chief-editor for CSMS Magazine. He is also a novelist. His latest novel Midnight at Noon can be purchased at all book retailers. He may be reached at To purchase a copy, click here: Midnight at Noon.

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