Chicago author Alice Liddell was my guest last Friday

Chicago author Alice Liddell was my guest last Friday

Ardain Isma

Chicago author Alice Liddell was my guest last Friday in The Conversation. As every week, I interview an author for the CSMS Magazine weekly literary show called The Conversation. From now on, I will share a summary with you. There are a lot of tips for emerging as well as experienced writers. Read below.


Two weeks ago, I had the privilege to speak once more with Chicago prolific writer Alice Liddell. Our conversation focused on two things: Her historical novel titled Geisha Hands and the publishing industry. Geisha Hands is a fully illustrated historical novel that puts in display the Japanese geisha culture. The main protagonist in the story is Yukie, “a maiko on the verge of her erikae, which is a ceremony, a graduation ceremony—if you will—called the turning of the collar which must take place become Yukie becomes a full geisha.”

The story takes place before the second world war. I asked her why she chooses this specific period. “I choose this period because it was a period when the culture in Japan was still very traditional. It didn’t have a lot of outside influence, especially due to the isolation law…. They didn’t trade with very many countries because they really wanted to preserve their traditions.”

Then, we switched to a subject of great interest to Indie writers: the publishing industry and the difficult path on which writers must walk to find a reputable publisher. In all, our conversation was very educational and fun.

You can watch the video below, as well as on our You Tube channel.

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You can read the entire article on the CSMS Magazine website. Chicago author Alice Liddell is back in The Conversation.

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