Day 2 of the new year, readers, are you still with me?

Day 2 of the new year, readers, are you still with me?

readerArdain Isma

On day 2, readers, I’d like to know if reading few good books was part of the resolutions this year.  I know most avid readers have an inspirational book in their pile of presents. It seems Santa has an unexplained affinity for those who dwell in love, in hope and in the pursuit of what forever empowers the mind—reading.

Too often, the book is the last one to be removed from under the Christmas tree. Sometimes, it is completely forgotten until one remembers to take down the tree and put away the ornaments for next year. But remember, the secret is in the details—always. Besides, there’s a lot to gain in reading a good book, and novelistic prose are some of the most effective, therapeutic elements in the search for the elusive, wintry comfort. Remember this. I’ve discovered it long ago.  Go find the book and start reading.

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