Friday: any progress in your literary journey?

Friday: any progress in your literary journey?

writing passion 2Ardain Isma

Every Friday, I take pleasure asking you to share a little bit of your literary progress. Some of you have done so, and I’ve always liked your sharing. It is uplifting, especially for a colleague who’s been trapped not knowing how to reclaim the energy required to beat back the waves of despondencies that pin you down, keeping you from meeting your self-imposed literary deadline. I know many things can interfere with your writing: a bad day at work, the comfy couch after a long workday, a spouse who demands a lot attention, etc.  But when you watch Susana being showered by rounds of applause under sparkling cameras, you quickly realize how bad of a procrastinator you’ve been.

Caring and sharing in this literary journey is quintessential to reaching the height of your golden means. Writing and, especially writing long, cohesive prose has never been an easy undertaking. It takes a commitment. I’m speaking from my personal experiences. There’re days I feel like running away from it all. Then I realize I would be a traitor, betraying my brothers and sisters in arms. I’m not a quitter and I never will, for quitters never win anything. So, my Friday’s quest for sharing is nothing but a little brain teaser—a little push to get closer to the finish line.

Happy Friday!

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