Haitians MUST not remain idle to Donald Trump’s provocation

Haitians MUST not remain idle to Donald Trump’s provocation

trumpArdain Isma

On the eve of another painful anniversary of the devastated earthquake that left millions of Haitians internally displaced and thousands dead, Donald Trump has issued yet another blunt and insulting message to Haitians in this country. “Send them back to their ‘sh….hole’ country.” Yes, these were the words from the president of the United States of America. He threw his latest insults as we’re about to celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday this coming Monday. While he wants to send thousands of Haitians and other immigrants from Africa to their “sh—hole” countries, he is willing to welcome with open arms immigrants from Norway. And we know why he’s chosen Norway.

Donald Trump’s racism has long been made abundantly clear. His vision for America is one that is 100 percent Caucasian where the Caucasoid skull is unmistakable. It is a vision foregrounded in John Calhoun’s vision for America outlined in a fiery speech on the senate floor in 1838 in which he said slavery was “a positive good” extremely necessary to uphold white supremacy.

But Haiti is a great country with a heroic history based on indescribable stoicism. I’m not saying this out of some shallow emotion stemmed from my wounded pride as a Haitian-American. The nation of Haiti is a GREAT one…. Of course Donald Trump couldn’t care less about historical facts. Tonight, all Haitians should unite with one voice to say to Trump: We will not be intimidated by his latest insults; nor will we join him the gutter. But there is one thing we can do: we can use the power of our vote as a whole to make our voices heard.  Whether Trump likes it or not, America will always be an ethnically and racially diverse country.

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