Inconsistency can derail a writer’s work

Inconsistency can derail a writer’s work

manuscript1Ardain Isma

I have been to a lot of writers’ conferences, but there is always one issue that dominates: inconsistency. I make this observation in most of my conversations with other fellow writers in attendance. As a novelist, you have created a world, a universe, a replica of the world as we know it. This is a world in which everything belongs to you —people, animals, trees, homes etc. So, how do you keep track to avoid unnecessary blunders. Experts say a writer should be proactive and assertive about his fictional world. This includes character descriptions, plot points and setting. Look to see if there are conflicting descriptions of this young man you’ve already described as being muscular, nut brown, and now he is being whitish. Characters MUST remain true to their own descriptions throughout the story.  This should be the same for the setting…

I understand it is not easy to keep track of so many small details. That is why it is prudent to have a copyeditor you trust. His job is not only to read your manuscript and then give you a passing or failing grade. His main task, if need be, is to empower your literary work, advising you “on how to develop a stronger narrative, better pacing, and more engaging characters.” (Book Editors)

Note: Ardain Isma is a novelist and editing manager at CSMS Magazine . He heads the Center for Strategic and Multicultural Studies. He also teaches Introduction to Research Studies at Embry Riddle University. To see his books, click here.

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