It’s spring again!

ardain16aArdain Isma

Today is the official day of spring, and it does truly feel like spring, at least on the first coast of Florida. Pleasant weather, plenty of sun and the flowers bloom again. The grass is greener, and looks more appealing than the last 3 months. Everywhere you go in North Florida, signs of winter are fast disappearing. On the towering trees, whose mighty boughs have been plucked by the harsh winter, new branchlets sprout. My hibiscuses have yet to see their first bloom, but tiny green leaves have sprung and have taken effective control over their offshoots. My grapefruit tree now laden with blossoms. Their sweet fragrance is impossible to ignore, especially in the evening as the sunray fades behind the splintered clouds in the distance.

During the last few days, the rain seemed to have washed away the pollen which, until then, had succeeded in keeping many folks at bay, from enjoying the spring thrill. Yesterday, my neighbors were out in force, strolling their little hounds, chatting and gossiping along the way. For the first time this morning, the woodpigeons were back, perching on stray branches of the pine trees. Last week, my son told me he saw the great horned owl roosted on top of a neighbor’s maple tree. Its earlike tufts and its ever-intimidated yellow-eyed stare scared some school children away.

Getting ready for spring, I worked like a dog yesterday. It was a nice feeling, however, to be back outside doing what I really love doing beside writing and teaching. It’s spring again, and I’m thrilled!

Thank You for your continued support! —Dr. Ardain Isma, Educator, Author.

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