Keep it up!

Keep it up!

ardainaArdain Isma

Sunday is the day to ponder. For religious folks—we are many—it is an opportunity to strengthen our communion with God. It is also one of the finest moments to be in sync as a family, to fine-tune the nucleus. The kids are well-dressed up. Mom and dad lead the way in a spiritual glee designed to rejuvenate mind, body and soul.

If the church is the perfect venue for spiritual healing, all activities that lead up to the church building and excursions that come thereafter—visiting a relative who is sick at the hospital, stopping by a favorite restaurant to have dinner—are a quintessential part in shaping up character and culture.

On week days, we are busy at work and at school. We’re trying to keep up with all that is required of nuclear families in industrial societies. Our life is like a robotic machine that cannot go astray. Trying to deviate from the course, an accident is awaiting. Life is an everlasting struggle—a game that must be won in order to pave the solid way for future generations. See, all the things that we do in a good way are contributing factors in strengthening the long chain of human existence. So, keep doing what you do. You will be rewarded. Dr. Ardain Isma, educator, author.

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