Let’s keep the conversation!

Let’s keep the conversation!

ardainaArdain Isma

There’re a lot of things we need to talk about. First, we need to talk about self-confidence. Everyone is fighting his own demon (s). As fighting can be part of a struggle, you have to have a strategy to win. Otherwise, you’ll be like a rebel without a cause. If that is the case, you are condemned to grow old in the resistance movement. Resistance is a strategic phase in any struggle. You resist because there is an opposing force. You also resist because you have to overcome this force in order to reach the height of your golden means.

You want to become a successful lawyer, fight your cases with diligence, relentlessness and a unique—stand-out—code of ethics. You want to be THE impeccable writer, craft you writing with compelling prose—punchy and colorful. Remember, you have the cognitive power to be successful in whatever field you so choose. Don’t be covetous or envious in a negative way at others’ successes. Don’t let your eyes be blurred by jealousy. This will cripple your heart and paralyze your mind as you try to focus on what it takes to win. Be wise, be positive! —Dr.Ardain Isma, educator and author

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