Our conversation: A nice chill on the eve of Thanksgiving!

Our conversation: A nice chill on the eve of Thanksgiving!

ardainaArdain Isma

Unlike every traditional Monday, this one is the only one of the year I usually like—the last Monday before Thanksgiving. In fact, it doesn’t look like a Monday at all. At work, at school, at the shopping mall, at church and at home, it’s an all too familiar frenzy. From the kitchen counter to the refrigerator, the place is swamped with food items. Yep, it’s Thanksgiving and it’s food time all over again. The rice pudding, the sweet potato pie, the pine apple cake, the key lime pie….The key lime to me is the best because for more than 20 years, my wife has developed an acute way of making it, and despite the fact I’m a controlled freak when it comes to food, I just can’t get enough of it.

I can picture it already being prepared on the island kitchen. She has her own homemade graham crust and she garnishes it with whipped cream and thin slices of lime. On top of this, she has crunches of dry lime skin which she sprinkles over the pie before she sticks it in the fridge to harden it. It ushers a fragrance that dazzlingly fumes the house.

I would be sitting near the chimney, sending kisses to her to sweeten her heart and in the process assuage all resistance to my sneaky moves when irresistibly I would tiptoe around the island to steal a tiny piece. While all this is going on, the sweet Caribbean music blasts the house filled with laughter, jokes and hums. This homely atmosphere is one to remember—forever.

I know it’s the same lovely ambiance in millions of homes in America. Remember, eat with moderation. Avoid getting a sugar rush. Gaining the pounds is the easiest part. Losing them can be a daunting task.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Ardain Isma—author, educator

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