Our conversation: Be strong while fighting your daily stressors

Our conversation: Be strong while fighting your daily stressors

ardainaArdain Isma

I hate Mondays to the core, and it’s been this way for me since I was a child. To be precise, I’ve been suffering from the Monday’s blues since I became aware of my childhood—aware of the difficult task going through life stress-free. Life is an endeavor filled with nuances, dreads and unexplained injustices. Consequently, whatever we do as individuals evolve around an everlasting continuum—how to live above the bitches of life or how to circumvent them.

We’re always in the hunt for the elusive happiness, longing for the day when life will be a rosy scenario, an infinite, dazzling, existential reality. While we all seem to be in the same predicament, few of us can claim to have reached the ever-evasive plateau.

I’m not afraid of facing vicissitudes going through life because I know life isn’t a bright, glaring one-way. While we all are tied to the same, very long chain of human existence, we don’t usually face the dark side of life—all at once. Happiness can produce ugly, reverse effects. We see it too many times. What brings joy to some can also be quite nightmarish to other folks.

There’re many things that can pull you down: inability to deal with a failing marriage, a child who has gone astray, a supervisor at work who is determined to turn your life into a living hell, going through a major financial hardship, fighting a deadly disease etc.…

When you’re facing the dark side of life, you should not forfeit the game and call it quit. You should fight it head on. You know you’re strong only when you’re able to bounce back after you have fallen. Every day brings its own stressors. Some of them are tougher than others. Remember, no tough moment in life will last forever. Success would not have been sweet if there weren’t obstacles and pitfalls along the way. Also, remember you’re not alone in your current predicament.

Think beyond your current problem, as soon as you’ve secured a winning strategy. Our daily stressors should be footnotes of our life story—nothing more. I’m sure you already know my mood at work this morning. Don’t worry, by mid-week, I’ll be fine. –Dr. Ardain Isma, educator, author

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