Our conversation: Bernie Sanders has shown his enormous clout

Our conversation: Bernie Sanders has shown his enormous clout

ardainaArdain Isma

A year ago, it would have been unthinkable to say that Bernie Sanders had the political will and might to take on the most powerful political establishment in modern history. Yet, he is doing just that, and he is winning. He has been doing this at a time when every one of his political moves has been bitterly rebuked by a media establishment bent in morphing itself into the reactionary vanguard for an upper-class that is increasingly becoming out of touch with reality.

They say that American democracy is the most transparent, yet they seem poised to write off millions of Americans who have contributed to and voted for “A Future We Can Believe In” which has become a trademark for the Bernie campaign. The vast majority of those followers are young people who represent the very future of the United States.

In the name of “objective journalism” and “political fair play”, Bernie Sanders is usually invited, but not in an honest fashion. He is invited to be vetted each time in a desperate hope of finding any mishap that would give them the “smoking gun” to put to rest the “Feel The Bern” phenomenon. The Daily News article on Bernie and the subsequent replay from the Washington Post are key examples. Both of them have accused Bernie Sanders of being “ignorant” of his own strategic thinking, particularly with regards to the issue of breaking up the big banks.

What they didn’t say was that the Editorial Board of the Daily News never released the entire transcript from which they drew their conclusion after Bernie met with them the day after his victory in Wisconsin.

Since Bernie’s victory in Wisconsin last week, the DNC (Democratic National Committee), the eastern political establishment, the pundits and the heavy layers from Wall Street and elsewhere have been hard at work in finding a way to put a stop to what seems to be an irreversible momentum. New York seems to be where they draw the line in the sand because they know it would be easy to belittle political moves from the Rocky Mountain West and the Midwest, but it is virtually impossible to ignore or sidestep the Bernie campaign if it were to carry the Empire State on April 19th.

The stake is too high for Madame Secretary. Didn’t they tell us that New York has long been shielded against the Bernie political wave? Whatever happened to the Fire Wall? The truth is genuine change will never be initiated from the top, just like trickledown economics will not work in a society increasingly polarized along the widening gap and the dividing lines between the haves and have-nots.

Hillary Clinton may still win it, for she has the entire gratin—now redoubling its browned crust—standing ready to keep Bernie at bay from spoiling the party. Like Bernie says, only a democratic revolution can overwhelm them. To achieve this, it will require participatory democracy. We don’t just vote. We demand actions in a proactive fashion!

Thank You for your continued support! —Dr. Ardain Isma, Educator, Author.

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