Our conversation: Bernie Sanders upset victory in Michigan

Our conversation: Bernie Sanders upset victory in Michigan

ardainaArdain Isma

He was supposed to lose by a double-digit margin. On top of that, the pundits have long written him off the electoral map, calling him a protest candidate. But Last night, in the heart of the industrial beltway of the Midwest, Bernie Sanders defied the odds to win an impressive victory over the heavily favored Hillary. No one saw it coming, including I. All I hoped for last night was a closed finish like in Massachusetts last week. Because of the proportional nature of the delegate count, a closed finished would have still given Bernie a fair share. From the get-go, Bernie held a lead that never withered. It was nerve-wracking. Although the lead was sustained, it was not too far off Hillary’s percentage. When it was finally declared that Bernie Sanders was indeed the winner of that contest, my entire household was delirious.

If you have been following my writings and my raw expression and passion for social justice, you would instantly know it is no secret that I long for a Bernie Sanders victory. This is the first time I find myself so connected to an American presidential candidate, precisely for what he represents. At 74, Bernie sanders is genuine. He speaks from the heart—of income inequality, of corruption plaguing the electoral system, of institutional racism, and of education and healthcare for all. He is running a clean campaign which focuses on the issues, not on trivializing his opponent to earn votes. Watching Bernie, you can see there is no hidden agenda behind his political discourse. He is not doing it because he wants to craft a political career.

On the campaign trail, Bernie sounds more like a soldier on a mission. That is why those who have the opportunity to listen to his message would quickly offer their support for his cause. This may have explained why he won so surprisingly last night.

Thank You for your continued support! —Dr. Ardain Isma, Educator, Author.

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