Our Conversation: Haiti on the eve of another election cycle

Our Conversation: Haiti on the eve of another election cycle

ardainaArdain Isma

Haiti is poised to embark into yet another round of elections scheduled to take place this coming Sunday. This time, the prize is bigger—not the stake, though. What’s new? There will be a winner in the end, although it may not be on Sunday. The top vote-getters will go for a final round. It has been predicted less than a quarter of eligible voters will go to the polls.

It has long been a factored-in reality for the Haitian people. They are not stakeholders in this process. They are simply being used as figurants in a masquerade designed to install another proxy for Washington. The latest news from Port-au-Prince are not encouraging. I have learned the Haitian government is heavily investing in an obscure dude by the name Jovenel Moise, stuffed into PHTK (Parti Haitien Tèt Kale or Party of Haitian Skinned Heads), a political tool at the hands of the out-going president Michel Martelly AKA Sweet Micky to manipulate the outcome.

Can Sweet Micky alone truly force elections to sway his way? Absolutely NOT. Haiti is a sovereign nation in name only. Micky is a stooge subserviently committed to Bill Clinton who controls via the US embassy the real power in Port-au-Prince. If Jovenel Moise were to be elected president, he would have to be at first vetted and then ratified.

Sweet Micky is now pitching for his dude before his masters, presenting Jovenel as the man who is as slavish as he is. The Haitian president has learned from the Machiavellian moves of Aristide of the 1990s—ruling from below. The prospect of a win for Moise Jean-Charles seems to have dreaded Sweet Micky to the core. Jean-Charles, a populist candidate who appears to have earned the sympathy of a sizable number of Haitians, has been running under the banner of a nationalist discourse. The latter has promised to bring to justice all those who conspired against the people, including those who have made pillaging the State’s coffer a holy sacrament.

A former Lavalas official who went solo after leaving the movement to found Pitit Dessalines in honor of Jean Jacques Dessalines, the father of the Haitian Nation, Jean-Charles’s speech sounds more predatory than real. However, I’m in no position to fully judge him because the mere fact he holds an anti-imperialist message proves that he’s willing to place himself in a direct collision course with Bill Clinton, the country’s proconsul.

The last top contender is Jude Céléstin, the man who lost against Martelly in the last Election cycle. He is said to be a protégé of former president René Preval. It’s more than likely that the choice will come down to these two individuals: Jude Céléstin and Jovenel Moise.

Sadly so, I believe Haiti deserves way better than these folks who are hotly competing to be the best “stooge” for the next 5 years. The Haitian people deserve a democratic revolution in order to restore the authority of the State and to introduce democratic governance and the rule of law. Haitians need to get together to rid their country from the grip of its enemies. –Dr. Ardain Isma, author, educator.

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