Our conversation: Haitians in South America

Our conversation: Haitians in South America

ardainaArdain Isma

Nearly 200 years ago in South America, Haitians were liberators in the fight against European colonialism. Today, in that part of the world, there is a new wave of Haitians finding their way into Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Brazil where there are growing evidences of gross injustices being committed against them, thanks to a flourishing human-trafficking business. Last year, Le Nouvelliste, a daily Haitian newspaper reported on the deplorable conditions under which live thousands of Haitians who found themselves stranded along the border between Peru and the Brazilian state of Acre. Pictures of men, women, and children being forced to live in cages like wild animals were shocking enough to absorb.

South America is now the new frontier for Haitian migrants desperately trying to get out of Hell. As always, they’ve become utterly vulnerable to human traffickers, who force these deprived migrants to sign contracts they don’t even understand because the fare alone for these far off places is hugely expensive for these destitute. Somebody in Haiti is making a hefty profit off these miserable folks. An in-depth report from the Junkie News Post could make your stomach churn. Click on this link to read it: Haiti’s Lead Export: Brazil’s New Slaves I warn you. This can make you cry. One wonders when will the suffering end for Haitians.

Dr. Ardain Isma—author, educator

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