Our Conversation: International Women’s Day

Our Conversation: International Women’s Day

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What would we do without our beloved women? Can life bear its truest sense without the ever-presence and the proactive contributions of women? Can there be life, period, without our women? These are some of the pertinent questions we must ask ourselves. Yet, despite their pivotal role in giving birth, raising children—sometimes alone—shaping up characters, contributing to science and technology, I still feel our women in general have been marginalized, kept at bay from strategic matters, and assigned only to supporting roles. It’s not fair! The person from whom life always springs is still fighting for gender equality and against all forms of sexism or machoism—more than 2 thousand years later.

As men, we take for granted women’s utmost fidelity and constantly try to belittle her unescapable role in life. Whether it is at the workplace or at home, men’s power and influence tower over the moral heroism of women. I have always believed that the struggle against institutional racism and the fight against systemic sexism are mutually inclusive, and until we understand that both have fallen into the same unwanted continuum, we will never master the strength necessary to earn the poetic justice that our world—so dark and so cruel in many of its parts—truly deserves. I love my women to the deepest end of my heart—from my beautiful mom through my wife and daughters through all female colleagues and friends….

Happy Women’s Day!

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