Our Conversation: Isn’t Bernie Sanders politically correct?

Our Conversation: Isn’t Bernie Sanders politically correct?

ardainaArdain Isma

Isn’t Bernie Sanders right on social and racial inequality? Isn’t he right on the vexing issue of billionaires hijacking the political process? On both counts, in my opinion, he’s right. If we let the super pack spearheaded by Wall Street and other world financiers, popular agenda will always be in the back burners. Bernie’s position on taxing the superrich to raise money to fund universal health care, to revamp inner city schools are noble ideas that should be supported. When politicians take money from those rich individuals, they have morphed themselves into lackeys completely beholden to the upper class and its strategic interests—thereby ensuring its perennial control over the national government.

And what will happen to the rest of the population, especially the bottom poor? In the bourgeois calculus, the masses can simply rot. Folks are poor because they’re lazy, they would say. One wonder how hard-workers they are when everything has been made easy for them, including insider information, which could help them make millions from the click of a mouse. Is their daily work harder than that of a field worker at a construction site?

The edge fund gurus and other money managers have the power to move the DOW Jones industrial average, the Nasdaq Exchange, the S & P 500 and other market indexes at will. Meanwhile, small investors are shut out. The latest wild swings on Wall Street have been man-made, not simply the results of China’s economic slowdown. In 2 days of last month, the DOW lost more than one thousand points, an equivalent of about 5 % of its value.

Henceforth, billions of dollars have been wiped out. Wiped out? That’s what we have been told. Money, like other commodities doesn’t go up in smoke. It went somewhere—to the profit takers, the speculators who embody the ugly issue of corporate greed. Whatever happens to the rest of the economy is none of their business. It’s mine or yours, but not theirs.

On top of that, they still think it’s not enough for them. Backed by an array of corrupt politicians, they want to tell us we need a smaller government to work more “efficiently.” But government is not a private business and therefore it cannot be run as such. It is a public affair created to safeguard the interest of all citizens, not the interest of a few—the top one percent.

To this end, Bernie Sanders is RIGHT. We need poetic justice, not half-hearted contrition. –Dr. Ardain Isma, educator, author.

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