Our conversation: Russia’s global power projection

Our conversation: Russia’s global power projection

ardainaArdain Isma

So much to talk about, I don’t know where to begin. From Russia to Syria to Haiti, it’s overwhelming. But let me start with Russia. This week, Russia takes the initiative in the Syrian conflict and, in the process, exposes the Machiavellian game of the western powers. For months, they’ve been telling us they were fighting ISIS. The evidence on the ground now portrays a different picture of their strategies. Like in the past, what is not said is what we need to frame the basis of our analyses. Now, we know their unspoken game: Containing ISIS while working tirelessly to achieve regime change in Damascus. To what end?

They themselves may not know even if all strategic analyses have pointed toward a Libyan scenario, should Assad fall. This would leave a vacuum that only ISIS will fill. They’ve been in Syria for more than 5 months. Russia entered the theater only 6 days ago. What it has already accomplished in the fight to keep Syria intact as a country is far greater than what the 60-plus coalition of the willing Obama has been talking about. Russia’s global power projection has dealt a psychological blow to their cynical game and has now put them before a fait accompli: fighting ISIS or get out, for as long as the Russians are there, there will not be a victory parade for the Washington proxies in Damascus. More to come on this issue on CSMS Magazine early next week. Also next week, Haiti and its upcoming presidential election. –Dr. Ardain Isma, educator, author.

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