Our Conversation: The black vote in America

Our Conversation: The black vote in America

ardainaArdain Isma

In some close remarks I made last night regarding using the African-American vote as cheap merchandise, especially in this election cycle, one thing is missing. What I forgot to point out was the deplorable conditions in which Mrs. Clinton is using the mothers who have lost their children through police violence. Chief among them is the mother of Travon Martin, the young man from Sanford Florida who was gunned down by an armed security guard. I believe using a mother’s suffering to make political gain is the most despicable thing any politician could ever do, particularly those who have been the victims of institutional racism. Today, Hillary wants their vote, she has unleashed her black surrogates to coax them. But watch what she said 20 years ago in New Hampshire with regard to young black males in front of an all-white audience at Keene State College. You judge for yourself. Hillary Clinton On Black Youth

Then, she was the First Lady, campaigning for her husband’s notorious Crime Bill which led to the incarceration of thousands of African-Americans. You can read my remarks in an article that was published this morning on CSMS Magazine. Here is the link: The black vote is not cheap!

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