Our conversation: Why education?

Our conversation: Why education?

ardainaArdain Isma

It’s been said that human intelligence is a country’s best natural resource. Thus, comes the role of education in every society. Unless restrained by some neurological disorder, every human being has his God-given potential to grow cognitively. And despite the conglomerate of ethnic, cultural and racial differences that crafts our global village, it has been shown time and again that children—if empowered with knowledge—can master the wherewithal to understand complex problems of society.

For instance, Switzerland has few natural resources beneath its soil. Yet, it’s one of the richest countries of Western Europe. When one is educated, opportunities are limitless. In industrial societies, once educated, an individual may not live in the fringe unless he’s made a self-conscious decision to stay away from the mainstream. In this case, it is a choice, not an imposed living condition.

In developing countries and the so-called Third World countries, education is a privilege, not a right. Those who are fortunate enough to go to schools may shockingly find out that many doors are shut out in their faces because opportunities are scarce. In many cases, the State is not interested in building the infrastructure that would sustain a modern lifestyle.

Here in America, however, there is no excuse for parents not to foster education in their household. A child is poised to wallow in the outer boundaries of society if he fails to secure the bread of knowledge, no matter how financially secured his parents may be. Those who live in the fringe have only one option: education—their sole ticket out of poverty. Minority children are at a greater disadvantage due to institutional racism. To stay on top of the game, it’s not just enough to be average. They have to stand out. Education is therefore strategic. Stick to it!

Dr. Ardain Isma—author, educator

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