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The conversation continues!

ardainaRacial inequality in America

Ardain Isma

There has been a lot of enthusiasm surrounding an article I wrote a couple of days ago about race relations in America. The article makes reference to the everlasting struggle to change people’s minds. When I say “people”, I mean European Americans. The article seemed to have struck a nerve. Many of you, who commented privately, expressed your total agreement, especially with regard to changing the focus from convincing white Americans to whole-heartedly embrace blacks. You have agreed to what needs to be done, and what needs to be done—as the article points out—is a paradigm shift. The fight should be directed toward the removal of institutional racism and the building of institutions that will guarantee equal protection under the law.

The article also makes reference to the political mishap of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, especially when they shut out Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, a special guess they themselves invited. This ugly incident happened last month, but it continues to be used in the corporate media to portray the “irrelevance” of both Bernie Sanders and BLM. In my view, Bernie is the best ally BLM could have in this struggle among those competing to replace Barack Obama in 2016.

In clarifying this, I mean BLM needs to have a unifying command structure with a leadership powerful enough to set the tone, but pragmatic in its strategic initiatives. Just because it is grassroots movement doesn’t mean it is not worthy of a leadership capable of negotiating on behalf of its constituency. Remember the “Occupy Movement”? It went up in smoke because it was unable to put forward a unified leadership. BLM grievances are holy and pure, but I’m afraid the movement itself is vulnerable to all form of exploitation by sleazy politicians, unless it can master a vanguard that can deliver strategic reasoning, especially in times of dire need, such as this time. —Dr. Ardain Isma, educator, author

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You can read the entire article on CSMS Magazine: A critical point in the struggle for racial equality

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