The editing process: a tedious task

The editing process: a tedious task

editingArdain Isma

It’s not easy to write long prose without going through the treacherous process of editing. I can comfortably say that it’s impossible to publish through self-editing. Why? Because conceiving a manuscript feels like a woman in labor in a hospital’s maternity department. When the baby is finally delivered, a dazzling sense of triumph suddenly takes hold of her mind. It’s the same feeling for a writer after reaching the last word that effectively ends the story. As I said earlier, the process is torturous, not just because of the time you’ll have to put in to nurture the manuscript, but also because there will be moments—painful moments—when it will be necessary to sacrifice beautiful, poetic descriptions in exchange for clarity that enhances the readability.

Book Editors has put together 10 steps to share up your manuscript. I want to share this with you. Good luck!

Note: Ardain Isma is a novelist and editing manager at CSMS Magazine . He heads the Center for Strategic and Multicultural Studies. He also teaches Introduction to Research Studies at Embry Riddle University. To see his books, click here.

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