Writers: get out of your depressing mood, hit the road

Writers: get out of your depressing mood, hit the road

writer's moodArdain Isma

I have seen writers who have published wonderful books, but cannot advance their message beyond friends and relatives. Maybe, they’re either too uncomfortable to talk about something they have worked so hard to conceive or they’re suffering from an acute form of stage fright. I’m not one of them, and I invite fellow writers to join me in the crusade to make their literary works heard. Now, taking your book on the road can be costly.

According to literary magazine Poets and Writers, every writer should give himself at least a 50-mile radius. All you may need is a car, a secretary or a local PR to secure speaking engagements and your impeccable devotion. When adventurists and curious readers start giving your book its deserving look, others will take notice, including mainstream retailers, agents and commercial publishers. As I’m living it now: hitting the road is not a bad idea for writers. It is probably the best one.

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