Future Project (s)

There are two projects in the cue:

When a Lone Bird Cries, a novel that X-rays the problem of children in servitude in the Third World. This novel exposes the vexing issue of child trafficking and, believe it or not (just like in Midnight) the strategic problem of class antagonisms in society. Lone Bird is currently in the editing phase.

The other work is a trilogy that includes three novellas: The Roses of Last SpringFrom Appalachia With Love, and A Chinese Princess. This trilogy puts forward the quintessential subject of love at its purest, but love that is foregrounded on finding justice. There is no deviation from social justice here. As you may   already know, my writing is branded on social justice. If you go for it, you will not be disappointed. “Roses” is being revised.


Right now, I’m still promoting Midnight at Noon