A reader’s testimony

Midnight picBy James Goodfriend

Ardain Isma wrote Midnight at Noon with a masterful knowledge of Haitian history and a strong feeling for the Haitian people and their determination and commitment to achieving social equality and political independence.

He brings the characters to life in a way that makes you feel you are a part of the people of Haiti plight. Ardain has a sensibility to the suffering and abuse of the common Haitian citizen. He describes the villages, towns, cities, and countryside in magnificent details, showing the natural beauty of the land and the reality of the living conditions of the poor and the oppressed.

The book is a love story surrounded by war and political upheaval—a struggle for freedom and democracy. It is a compelling story. I enjoyed reading Midnight at Noon and I recommend it to others.

Note: James W. Goodfriend is a retired Financial Advisor from Jacksonville, Florida.

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